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  1. VL53L1X on ESP-IDF

    VL53L1X is a ST's new TOF(time of flight) sensor. ST gives its driver and API library with the dual license. See ST's page for detail. Although that code is for the STM32 platforms primarily, they are written with the highly modular manner and possible to be used with other …

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  2. ESP32 PHY board 2

    I'm trying another simple board for esp32 with ethernet. This is a board to mount ESP32 DevKit-C and Waveshare LAN8720 PHY module with a few extra parts. It can also use ESP-WROOM-32 chip directly instead of DevKit-C module.

    esp32-wslan8720 test esp32-wslan8720 board

    KiCAD files for this board can be seen here as hardware/esp32-wslan8720 …

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  3. ESP32 0.5ms tick

    You know that the maximal tick rate in ESP-IDF is 1000Hz.

    esp-idf menuconfig 1000Hz

    This is ok for almost applications and if you require sub-milli time precision, the extra timer or interrupt would be your friend. But why can't be 2000Hz tick rate set on 240Mz CPU? Here is a famous LED blinker …

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  4. ESP32 PHY board

    I'm making a simple esp32 board with ethernet. ESP32 has MAC and esp-idf supports PHYs like LAN87x0 and TLK110 already. Here is the schematic with KiCAD:

    esp32-tlk110 schematic

    I'll create a git repository for that hardware if it works.

    Update 2017-10-21

    Now it works!

    esp32-tlk110 works

    Revised KiCAD files for this board can be …

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